Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Supply Anything to the Artist?

The Smiling Face Painter does not require much attention and comes to your event fully prepared and self-sufficient, so that you can focus on your guests and the other details of your event. The Smiling Face Painter brings her own paints, water, menu book, and the necessary tools or ‘bling’ needed to make magical faces.  A table and chair is the only thing needed.  If the event is outdoors, providing a shaded area would be appreciated and would be more comfortable for your guests. 


What time should the artist arrive?

When you hire The Smiling Face Painter, you can expect the artist to arrive early enough to set up and be ready to take the first customer at the agreed upon start time.  Set up will take less than 15 minutes.


How many hours should I hire for?

That’s entirely up to you and may depend on how many guests you expect to have at your event, and when you expect them to arrive.  Birthday parties are typically two hours or more.  Often, the kids aren’t the only ones who want designs.

A 2 hour minimum booking is preferred.  Countless hours are put into every gig regardless of duration including several phone or email contacts to confirm details, writing up contracts or Invoices, collecting deposits, mapping out address and directions, tailoring design selection specific to each party theme, selecting the supplies needed for your particular event and packing them up, loading up the car, driving to an event and arriving early just to be safe, then of course setting-up and cleaning-up, say my goodbyes, collect payment, sanitize supplies after each party, inventory which supplies need to be restocked or purchased, etc.  The part you see-  the actual face painting that the kids will remember fondly, hopefully for many years to come- is only a fraction of the time and work put into each event.


When does the Painting begin?

Work begins at the agreed upon start time and concludes at the agreed upon end time.  The Smiling Face Painter believes in the highest professional standards including always arriving and starting on time. Guests are free to get a second design if time allows, and adults are also welcome to receive designs as well.  Be sure to schedule for sufficient time so that everyone can get painted.  I live to bring smiles to children’s faces, and hate seeing anyone disappointed because they arrived late and were unable to get painted in time. Though you are welcome to inquire if the artist can extend their time, for an extra fee, but there is no guarantee that there is another event or responsibility demanding adherence to the agreed upon time frame. 


Should we tip the artist?

The artist does not accept tips from your personal guests. When you hire The Smiling Face Painter for a private event you have already paid for the service and can expect good work without the need for additional compensation.    


Can you handle a long line or fidgety kid?

Yes!  The Smiling Face Painter has plenty of experience face painting at Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Festivals, and Picnics. 


How many kids can you paint in an hour?

That depends on how many guests you have and if there are any special circumstances.  As a professional face painter, I am extremely understandable and flexible. It’s a natural part of working with children.  By taking a reasonable and fair amount of time painting and happily entertaining and engaging the kids, the experience will be much more enjoyable for everyone.

Often at a very large event, there is a long line of children with no event in sight, and it’s a whole different ballgame.  At an extremely busy venue like a carnival or a fair it’s best to help things along in order to keep the line moving as efficiently as possible. I have painted large numbers of children for public gatherings before, and in order for more children to be painted, I stick to designs that take no more than a couple of minutes to do. This is NOT what you would get from me at a smaller, private party. When I have the luxury of time on my side, kids get full gorgeous ornate faces.


Why should I hire a professional instead of doing it myself?

Oftentimes, a parent says “I can do this myself. I don’t need to hire a professional for my kid’s birthday party. This will be EASY.” They spend a few bucks picking up some cheap waxy sticks to scribble those hearts and rainbows that they loved as kids. Nowadays kids want glorious crowns created with one-stroke rainbow cakes. Incredible stencils created specifically for face and body painting. They want full faces of realistic tigers, scaly dragons, and multi-colored butterflies with ethereal wings. These are techniques that professionals have worked countless hours in trying to master… and with some degree of speed. So if you really want to impress the kids at your next event, hire a Pro to do the job right. It will blow your guests away! And it will allow you the luxury of getting to be in the moment and enjoy the party.


Do you enjoy your job?

I passionately love this job and live to put smiles on children’s faces!  My favorite part is watching their excitement when they look into the mirror at their grand reveal.  I love seeing the shy kid who asks to be a tiger, then spends the entire rest of the time running around assertively roaring with his paws up in the air and a huge smile on his face.  I am so incredibly honored to get to work with your children and to make their face painting dreams come true.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!


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