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While other face painters may want to cut costs by using acrylics, craft paints, dollar store ‘face paint’ from China that may say non-toxic on the package, or other craft paints – those can often cause redness, rashes, and irritation, The Smiling Face Painter only uses quality products.  The high quality professional FDA approved non-toxic water based paints are manufactured specifically for face and body art, as are cosmetic glitters and glitter tattoo adhesive. Many colors to choose from! Glitter used is cosmetic grade and made to be on the face without causing irritation to the eyes as to insure your child’s safety. Professional lightweight airbrush makeup is also available in October for Halloween parties and costume contests. Paints come off very easily with soap and warm water.


In striving to maintain the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene, products should remain untouched by anyone other than the artist. I reserve the right to not paint the faces of: persons with open cuts, abrasions, blisters, rashes on the face, conjunctivitis, runny noses, fevers or any other visible health issues. I will be glad to substitute a design on the person's hand, arm or leg in these cases.

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